Connecting photography and the journey of the Flâneur via the web and photo books, Flâneurism is a celebration of the unseen, hidden and uncelebrated.


FLÂ18: 110916

FLÂ17: 110816

FLÂ16: Bodega Dreams

FLÂ15: American Realism

FLÂ14: Triumph in Diversity

FLÂ13: Freedom Without Frontiers

FLÂ12: Stemming the tide

FLÂ11: Deptford X Fringe

FLÂ10: Robbing the poor to pay the rich

FLÂ9: Stray Dogmas

FLÂ8: Watch Her Dance to the End of Love

FLÂ7: Searching for Soho

FLÂ6: Bauhaus White City

FLÂ5: Giving back to the streets

FLÂ4: What Once Was Future Is Now Forgotten

FLÂ3: A Chronicle Of Current Events

FLÂ2: Once Were Olympians

FLÂ1: Giving back to the streets


Have A Nice Day pt. 1

They Don’t Bite

Why The Long Face?

The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

Someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets.

You Should See My Trail Of Disgrace

What Lurks Within

I Could Have Told You That



You’ve Got Mail

Palmed Off

The Light Of My Life

Go To The Yard

The Power of Invisibility

No Alla Ombrello

Reflected Glory

Balanced Illumination

You Are Here

All Is Well

Leave a Light On For Me

Triumph In The Face of Adversity

Three Is The Magic Number

Spot The Ball

Pinnacle of Perception

Stairway To Heaven

Safe Combination

The Message Is The Medium

Negative Connotations

Don’t Worry, You’ll See Me

Ever Ready

Thou Shalt Not Pass

Keep The Engine Running

Meet The Brooms

Not Talking

Candid Camera


The Lawn Of Communism

Isosceles Imports

I’m With You But I’m Lonely

Reflected Ambition

His and Hers

Trash Talking

Sometimes It’s Hard To Know What To Say

Rooms Available

Don’t Tell Me What To Do

I Get Around

Valley Of The Fans

Which Came First?

Mail Server

No Parking


Crazy Paving

Sciare Il Pas

I Know What You’re Thinking

Violet Femmes

White Lines

Standing To Attention

School Coaching

Make A Mark

La Bocca della Verità

I Have An Idea

Shadow Squared

Here Comes The Not Stepper

Shop Here Then Go

When It’s Your Time, You’ll Know

A Loving Touch

New Perspectives

No Pase

Shinjuku Dreams


Aqua Pipe

End Of The Road

You Should Take This As A Sign


No, Neigh, Never.

Looks Like A Front To Me

Open For Appointments

Street Food Stalled

You Are The Sunshine of My Life


Take A Seat

That’s Easy For You To Say

Take A Ticket (Someone Will Be Right With You)

Bødo ‘Babs.


Pinnacle of Obtuseness

Where’s Your Meter, Love?

Immaculate Reception


Making A Stand

Lucky For Me

Now Boarding

Invitation To Elope

Cross The Tracks

Keeping Watch

Like A Butterfly On A Wheel

Buy Yourself A Plastic Jesus

Latitude and Longitude

A Lotta Bottle

The Things You Do For Me

Locksmith Directory

Enter The Void

The Imparity of Clarity

Corrugated Community

Modest Patriotism


Toro Town

Rip It Up and Start Again

Concrete Seedlings

Road To Nowhere

God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

Mail Break

Wild Horses

Signs Of The Times

Path Of Least Resistance

Wavering Decisions

Inconvenience Store


Looking For A Sign

Have A Nice Day pt. 2

Sports Chevron

Five Unread Messages

Got It Locked Down


Bursting At The Seams

Venus Occults Jupiter

La Luna Se Hace Del Pandebono

No Place Like Gnome

Karma Sutra


Donde Margarita

Herein Lies The Truth

Cuatro Prostitutas

Through The Barricades

Life’s A Gas

Fallen Sunshine.

Chips With Everything

The Estate We’re In

Waiting Patiently

I’ll Be Fine, You Carry On.

You Must Be Out Of Your Brilliant Mind

Sometimes I’m Happy, Sometimes I’m Blue.

Fishes Eyes

You Can Go Your Own Way

Watching You, Watching Me.

Bottom Shelf Material

When The Chips Are Down

Rooms With A View

Nil By Mouth

We Are All But Dust

Watch Your Step

Fruit Box

Hidden Power

Balanced Consumption

Take A Picture

Under The Paving Stones, The Beach

Composition in blue, red, black, white with tree, pavement and leaves.

Post/Box Key

After The Quake

Tongue And Groove

Arches Of Communication

Change of Business

Inverted Beach Scene (with windows)

Béton brut

Pining for the Fjords

We’ll Meat Again

Trying To Get Ahead In The World

My White Lines Go A Long Way

All Our Fish Is Ethically Caught

A Wealth of Options

Composition in blue, red, black, white with lampost, bricks, pavement and chewing gum.

Shabby Chic

Doors of Imperception

Invasion Of The Poles

Little and Large

Passport Control

Yen Stretchers

Espresso Yourself

I Want My MTV

Tearing Strips Off Me

Monochrome Dreams

Uncommon Places

Can You Guess What It Is?

What’s The Time?

It’s Just A Kiss Away

Ordered Expressionism

Cashflow Highway

A Lotta Bottle

Steamy Windows (Coming From The Body Heat)

Pleased To Meet You

Pyramid (Colour) Scheme

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

Standing In The Shadows

Think You’ve Had Enough

Urban Camouflage

Pallet Display Of Affection

Dodging The Rain And Bullets

Bush Men


Love Will Always Overcome

Asleep At The Wheel

Thirteen Hail Marys

Cross Over The Road My Friend

Table Rest